The Passion Fruit Daiquiri – Passion Fruit Cocktails | Lesson 02

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The Passion Fruit Daiquiri – Sour Passion Fruit Flavor!

The passion fruit daiquiri is not a historical cocktail. We originally showcased this cocktail (submitted by Eric Scotth) on Common Man Cocktails. We’re re-purposing this cocktail as part of course 3 around passion fruit cocktails.

The Passion Fruit Daiquiri

The Passion Fruit Daiquiri, a sour passion fruit cocktail

This recipe falls right into the category of easy rum cocktails if you buy a bottle of passion fruit syrup. This cocktail design is a simple riff off a traditional rum daiquiri, but will end up a bit more sour in flavor profile.

The Passion Fruit Daiquiri

Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake for 15 seconds. Then, strain into a chilled coupe glass and serve! You can find the recipe featured in our AwesomeDrinks Recipe Database!

Final Thoughts

The daiquiri is a traditional cocktail that most people can memorize quickly. However, when you’re bored of the basic rum daiquiri, it’s time to try something more creative and crafty. This daiquiri gives you an excuse to use your passion fruit syrup!

Watch Course 3: The Port Light Passion Fruit Cocktail.



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